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Have a Cup of Johanny

Multi-Genre Author and champion of Diverse Voices
This is the author, Johanny 'Joa' Ortega. She's wearing an olive green blouse with pink flowers, brown khaki pants, and white Converse sneakers with rainbow-colored soles. She's sitting on the concrete up against a rainbow-colored wall and posing with her right hand behind her head and a big smile. She's also wearing black circle frame glasses and is very beautiful with black curly hair.

Get to Know Johanny

As the golden Dominican sun dipped below the horizon during those late evenings after school, a young Johanny Ortega discovered the magic of reading. It was a world of endless possibilities, and she couldn't get enough. 🌅📚

Less than a year after immigrating to the U.S., a remarkable transformation took place. Johanny not only adapted to her new home but quickly mastered the English language. Why? Because there was an insatiable hunger for books she couldn't wait to devour. 📖🗽

However, as she explored the literary landscape, something was missing – characters who looked like her, who shared her background and experiences. That's when the love of reading gracefully transformed into a passion for writing. All those "what-if" stories that danced in her mind began to take shape as books, blogs, short stories, and captivating novellas. 📝✨

At "Have a Cup of Johanny LLC," Johanny's mission is crystal clear: to amplify the voices of BIPOC stories crafted by BIPOC authors.


It's a journey that starts with Johanny's own stories, undergoes meticulous refinement in the publishing process, and ultimately leads to the integration and fair compensation of marginalized voices and their powerful narratives. 📖🌍💪

Today, Johanny is the creative force behind adult books under her pen name, J.E. Ortega. Regardless of the story or genre, her characters share two unshakable traits: they are proudly Dominican and incredibly resilient, just like the vibrant spirit that fuels her writing. 💪🇩🇴

Join Johanny in this extraordinary literary adventure, where stories come to life, voices are celebrated, and diversity thrives.

Check out the books and bookish swag in the bookshop tab and if you want to stay abreast of what she's writing and publishing next, sign up for her newsletter.

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