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10 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being Single

Updated: Jun 4

Now that I’m relishing in my single status, I have noticed a real pep in my step, a Je ne se quois, a bit of peace and ease that I can move about in my space and time without having to worry about another.  I know it may sound a bit selfish, but it is quite freeing!  

Thinking about my new status, I came up with ten things that are just way better when you are single.

1.  You get to have the bed all to yourself.  I know there are all these cutsey-lovey-dovey pictures of couples cuddle up together and sleeping, but let’s be honest NO ONE DOES THAT.  When two people get into bed together, after a while, you both fall asleep and then your sleeping habits kick in.  So if this person is a kicker, then you will get kicked.  If he grinds his teeth, you will listen to his Darth Vader symphony play throughout the night.  If he gets up to go to the bathroom three times a night, then you will open your eyes three times at night to see his ass glowing with the bathroom light.  Once everyone reaches their REM, the cuddling stops and real night time habits begin.  Sleeping in my hand picked plush mattress with the right amount of firmness for my back its the best, not having to share it, even better.

2.  You don’t have to share food in the restaurant.  I don’t know where this trend began, but it has got to stop!  If I ordered something in the restaurant, its because I want to eat that dish not because I want to share it with you.  The whole reaching for my plate to take a bite, it’s not romantic to me, it’s unnerving.  It makes me cringe to think that before I eat my salad, you may have eaten the best part of my main course before I had a chance to taste it.  If I order something at a restaurant is because I want to have it, not because I want you to have it first and then give me sloppy seconds of what I ordered later.

3. Zero wait time to go out.  I like to be on time, and I like to have a plan.  I don’t appreciate when a guy tells me he’ll be there at 1:00 PM and his arrival is 30 minutes later.  My time is precious, and my life does not revolve around one person.  To me, lateness shows a lack of respect and laziness because they either procrastinated getting ready, didn’t plan their day accordingly, didn’t take into account the traffic or just don’t care about my time.

4. Eating healthy.  Let’s face it most guys can eat anything or choose to eat anything without worrying what it may do to their body.  I also tend to date guys that are really into the gym, so they can eat anything and burn it off in their 3-hour gym session later on.  That is not my case, I need to watch what I eat, and I only have a specific amount of time to work out (not three hours).  Going out with these guys and watching their plates, became a test of my willpower and I often lost.  I would cave in and have the fatty meal that I knew I shouldn’t have.  Without their tempting high-calorie, delicious plate next to mine, I can now choose to eat the salad, a healthier option or only eat at home.

5. I get to work out more.  Well since I gained those 10lbs from my lack of willpower and I have this extra time that I am not using on a boyfriend, I can now add it to my workout routine.  Now I can complete my gym session in the morning and add a small strength training session at home in the evenings.  Watch those 10lbs melt off of me!

6.  No presents needed during holidays.  Not having to figure out or decode what the other person likes or wants for holidays or special days is another great perk.  When you first start seeing someone, is hard to know what to get them because A. You don’t know them that well, B. You don’t want to over-do-it and scare him, and C. You don’t want to under-do-it and have him think you are cheap.  So this can become bit nerve racking.  The flip side to that is when you do know someone for a long time, you run out of things to give them, or you can’t figure out what he already has in his life so that you won’t double gift him.  

7. I can have more me-time.  Let’s face it when a new man enters one’s life something has got to give.  You only have a set amount of time for your to-do things in a day, so when something new enters the other activities get cut short a bit.  One of those activities that were cut short was my me-time.  Now that I am not jumping from one thing to the next, texting or video messaging the other person, I have regained that.  With this time, I can go to the spa, meditate or simply binge watch KUWTK with no judgement.

8.  I can watch whatever I want on the TV.  You know sometimes Netflix and chill can become a bit of a hassle when the Netflix part is overtaken by testosterone-fueled options, and you get stuck feigning interest till you get to the chill part.  I am just complaining about the Netflix part of this deal, not the chill part; chill part was always good.

9. I can wake up and sleep when I want.  I am an early bird, so I like to go to bed early and wake up early.  That was not the case with my opposites-attract night owl.  We were on two different schedules, and I gave up on mine.  Let me tell you something, an early bird CANNOT become a night owl! Now that I have regained my sleep cycle, I won’t need to take naps during the day to stay up later or force myself to remain in bed so that I won’t wake him.  I can wake up at 6 in the morning, turn my lights on, open up my laptop and get to work, without tip toeing around.

10. I can do whatever I want! That’s the freeing part.  Let’s be real, in a relationship, there are compromises to be made for two people to be happy and looking back I may have over compromised to the point where I lost myself and became unhappy.  Now I know better for future reference, but for now, I am enjoying my compromise-free zone.  I can say what I want to say, eat what I want to eat, do what I want without taking into account someone else’s opinions or feelings.  Now is all about me, and that makes me happy!

XOXO Johanny

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