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A date with an older older guy

Updated: Jun 3

older man

Welcome to El Paso! A population of about 650,000.  Chances of finding the right guy, great! Or NOT!

My first date here involved an older…..much older guy, like older than my dad.

Ever since I’ve reached my 30’s, I’ve made it a point to step out of my comfort zone and not date the same type of guy again and again.  To do something different with my dating life, I decided to go on a date with someone I would typically not choose.

Bless his heart, Mr. Ray had the best of intentions.  He picked me up in his newly cleaned G-Mobile, and I could tell that he had dressed specially for the occasion.  When I noticed his effort, I felt guilty because I knew beforehand that I was not interested and didn’t even tried to dress up.

The date started off well, he showed me the sites of El Paso and filled me with so much trivia, that only a man who has lived that long… El Paso could have known.

The whole time we were out, I was afraid of his touch or how close he would get.  Throughout the date, I kept thinking of ways to keep him at arms length, and most importantly, how could I avoid the kiss at the end.  Both of these two things revolving was exhausting! I could not even enjoy the information, conversation or the sites.

Mr. Ray was sweet, a gentleman, brilliant and self-accomplished.  If only I were 30 years older, I would be so into him, but as luck would have it, we met at the wrong time. There was not an ounce of physical connection or attraction in me for this man.  Which made me wonder, how did the playmates do it with Hugh Hefner?!

I guess being with an older-older man is not for everybody, or maybe an obscene amount of money can make anyone attractive.

We ended our date with Mexican food and great conversation.  I caught myself laughing and enjoying myself, but I did not want to give him the wrong impression that this could be anything other than a friendly date.

At my door, I waved and said talk to you later, but I knew as soon as the words left my mouth that it was not true.

I chose not to return his texts afterward and I knew that was a crappy thing to do.  I planned on telling him that I was not interested in him, but I couldn’t push myself to say this.  I was a chicken-shit and was scared of hurting his feelings or sounding arrogant.

I hope Mr. Ray has found himself a nice older lady friend that can love him back, he deserves it!

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