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Updated: Jun 3

I am sitting here watching the Bachelor, and I completely felt inspired to write this Week 2 Blog Challenge from a

For me, the three things that I learned about love are lessons that are very simple, yet very powerful.  In a nutshell, I learned not to chase it, not to wait for it and not to force it.  Voila!  I told you it was simple!

Love is like a breeze that envelopes and fills you.  Therefore, is easy and simple.  I learned very early on not to wait for it; not to be that person who says, ‘when I find my guy, I will do this, or I will be happy.’

Once I stopped waiting, I became so fierce and independent!  This sense of freedom that came from not waiting made me love and appreciate myself more.  When I stopped waiting for love and started living life and loving myself, I stopped being scared and started being joyful.

I love to run and put miles on my sneakers, but I stopped running after love a long time ago.  Is not worth it and it doesn’t burn any calories!  I know that love will find me, at the right time and the right place.  All I need to do is live the best life that I can and continue to be happy.

Talking about sneakers, it is nothing worst than squeezing my feet into an overly tight pair.  There is just so much breaking in one can do to a shoe. if it doesn’t fit, it just doesn’t fit no matter how cute they look, we must put them back on the shelve.  This shoe metaphor has been my philosophy in love. Love is easy, it shouldn’t be hard, or forceful and it shouldn’t make one feel empty inside.  Often people like to say that love hurts, but love doesn’t hurt.  What hurts are those actions that are done in the name of love.   Instead, love is pure, is the feeling of caring for someone unconditionally.  Hence, love should not hurt, and it should not be difficult.

XOXO Johanny

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