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Advice to Give to a Child About Adulthood

Updated: Jun 4

I decided to embark on the 4 weeks blogging challenge by Woman Pulse. Challenge Accepted!

My advice to a child would be:

Love and accept yourself: You are going to find plenty of people that would want to tear you down or would want to put you down so they could feel superior.  What would stop those people in their tracks is your love!  If you love and accept yourself, their words cannot touch you, they cannot hurt you because your truth is love and acceptance of yourself, so you will know right away that their words are a lie.

Read, read and read some more:  Devour books like a $5 all you can eat buffet at Golden Corral.  The knowledge that you gain from books is priceless and irreplaceable and being able to escape into another world, another time, and step into the shoes of someone other than yourself is better than any drug.

Travel and explore:  Not only should you escape in your mind but you should also do it physically.  Experience other cultures, see other beauties of the world, hear other languages.  Know that you are nothing but a speck in this incredible universe.  Shoot if you can go into space, do that too!  You will feel so tiny….I think.

Always be honest:  Never lie to yourself or others.  A truth is easy, a lie is hard, and it takes a lot of energy to keep up.  Be lazy and don’t lie.

Laugh a lot: Don’t ever take yourself too seriously, no matter how important and how much money you make.  The moment you forget how to laugh at yourself and see the funny in any situation, you have become an uptight prick (don’t repeat that word).  Baby, you don’t want to become that.  Stay humble, don’t forget where you came from and laugh….A LOT!

Take care of your body:  You only have one body.  Unless the whole robotics thing takes off… but, for now, let’s just say, you only have one body.  Nourish it and exercise it.  Why put cheap gas in a Porsche?  Think of your body as a Porsche, you will want the best fuel, best oil, best parts to go in there and you will run it every day so the battery won’t die from being idle for too long.  Guess what?!  You are that Porche!  Eat nutritious food and rev it up every day, less you want your muscles to wither, and you become a blob.

Hopefully, this hasn’t scared you off from becoming an adult….



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