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CH3 Mrs. Franchy's Evil Ring: Isla's Discovery and Struggle

In chapter three of Mrs. Franchy's Evil Ring and the Six Months That Changed Everything, Isla faces new challenges as she tries to navigate her way through her temporary living situation. Isla, a young girl who has already faced her fair share of trauma, finds a temporary solution to her homework problem with the help of her friend Evelissé. Evelissé explains the story in the word problem, and Isla realizes that it is a math problem she can solve.

However, Isla's victory is short-lived as she feels guilty for not being as strong as her friend, who stands up for herself and Isla. In the previous chapter, Isla witnessed her friend's discomfort when forced to talk to family members she didn't know over the phone but stayed quiet. Isla realizes that she needs to find her voice and stand up for herself, just like her friend.

Things take a shocking turn when Isla overhears a conversation in the living room and discovers that her dad has remarried. Isla fears another potential bad experience, and she wonders if her dad did not learn anything from marrying Mrs. Maria, her first stepmom, who hurt her. Isla struggles to process the news and worries about her safety.

As the chapter ends, Isla's mom calls out her name, and Isla knows that her hiding spot is no longer a secret. Will Isla be able to confront her dad and stepmom about her concerns? Follow Isla's journey of self-discovery and healing as she learns to find her voice, stand up for herself, and discover how even the most traumatic experiences can be overcome with the love and support of family.

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