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Getting a Tossed Salad at Subway

Updated: Jun 4

chopped salad

If you are not aware of the menu, Subway offers salads.  The chop salads are an even healthier alternative to the subs, and it has become one of my favorites.  That day I left work with my brain a bit on the fried side, and I was craving one of the salads to take home with me.  I went on automatic pilot when I walked over to the ‘Sandwich Specialista‘.  I cheerfully said, “I would like a Tossed Salad, please.”  I should have realized when the cashier and the person in front of me cranked their necks to look at me that I had said something wrong.  

A raised eyebrow, a moment of silence…it was then that I realized that I had put my foot in my mouth again (this happens often).  Blushing a bit and with a nervous laugh, I corrected myself “I mean a chopped salad, please”.  Then the world started turning again, and the ‘Specialista‘ got to work.

XOXO Johanny

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