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Growing up….a Kidtrepreneur

Updated: Jun 4

Part of the Crazy 4 Blogging Challenge

Growing up I was kidtrepreneur.  My sister and I were ingenious on how to turn a dollar…or more like a peso into two pesos.  We were the masterminds of the small business network in our Catholic school in the Dominican Republic (Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro).  The Good Idea Fairy landed on our shoulders one day when we noticed how we had an open market for selling homemade treats during recess.  We figured the treat was easy to make; all the ingredients were at home, it was low cost to produce, and we could sell small portions at a price that will more than recoup the cost of the ingredients and labor. 

Just like that, we decided to put some time aside after school into cooking a large quantity of the snack and bagging it into individual servings, in preparation for sales.  The very next day our book bags were noticeably heavy from carrying our merchandise along with our books.  We convinced one kid to taste it, he liked it, told others and liked that our business was en Fuego.  Five cents was the agreed upon price for our homemade treat, and we sold each and every one of the bags. We came home feeling so rich that day with our book bags sounding like maracas from all the coins being tossed around as we ran home from school.  

We had money we thought! We felt so elated that we immediately devised a plan to expand our business and add origami toys to our repertoire.  Paper planes, paper flowers, paper guns, you named it, we fold it, shaped it, colored it with our crayons and sold it to other kids in our neighborhood.  I tell you what at the ripe age of 6 and 7, Donald Trump had nothing on us!  We were selling seven days a week and amassing peso after peso in our tin can piggy bank.  

As young children we learned a powerful lesson, how to follow through on a vision, work hard to see it through and then enjoy the fruits of success.  

With our hard earned money we treated ourselves to bazooka bubble gum, loli-pops, flavored condensed milk triangles, ice cream, pastries, and anything sweet, we could buy that our grandma refused to buy for us.  We were like Leonardo Dicaprio on Wolf on Wall Street, high…on sugar.  We felt the biggest rush ever when we made something out of nothing and earned a profit doing so.  Aghhh….those good ole’ days of being a kidtrepreneur….

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