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Happily single and not ready to mingle

Updated: Jun 4

Although I’m once again at this familiar intersection; Singlehood Rd and Spinster Ave, I am not quite ready to drive to Dating Alley.  I think I’m going to hang here for a bit and catch up with the other ladies with cats.  

I don’t know why I have this change of heart or what has changed this time around.  Maybe it’s because I’m a year older, or it could be that I have just finally ran out of fucks, but I am certainly in no rush to get ready to date and go on this elusive manhunt for Mr. Charming.  Maybe my hope has turned into sarcasm and my independence into stubbornness and rigidity.  It could also be that I am finally comfortable enough on my own not to need the validation of a boyfriend.  Regardless of which, I just don’t see myself turning on the GPS app on my phone, going on to a restaurant, trying to match the face to the picture, making small talk and waiting to see if I hear the click in my heart of personalities matching and syncing.  I’m just not so enthuse about braving the dating pool right now.

But, I must say that looking back, I did have some hilarious bad dates! I crack a smile just thinking about some of them… For now, though, I think I’m going to Netflix and chill on my own for a bit and catch my breath.  I’ll be selfish and think of just me and my awesomeness, of makeup, books to read, places to go visit and cooking .  Ooops! Had to scratch that last one, God knows that won’t be part of my ‘me-time’.  

So for those of you out there, raise your glass, plastic cup, bowl or spoon with whatever your beverage of choice and yell cheers single cat lady! And may the odds be forever in your favor!  And I would say cheers to you too cool peeps!

XOXO Johanny

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