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Happy National Single Parent Day (March 21)

Updated: Jun 3

Someone at work just told me that today was National Single Parent Day.  I was ecstatic to hear this and of course, I had to write about it and tell you all.  My biggest accomplishment in life is being a mother.  Nothing else can compare to that.  With motherhood came single-parenthood for me, almost immediately after having my precious.

I was scared as shit when I found out that I was pregnant and when my baby daddy left me, I definitely shitted my pants at the thought of doing it all on my own.  But I tighten my big girl panties, reached deep down, stopped crying, and got my shit together.  

From that point forth, my son became my motivation, and I was determined to raise him the best way I could and give him enough love to compensate for the absence of the other parent.  Of course, I didn’t know then, or I refused to understand that the other parent is just irreplaceable, but damn it I sure as hell tried.  I became a super mommy! Cape and all at times.  It was my Pooky and I against the world.

Becoming a single parent made me very focused on self-improvement and career progression.  I needed to be better and get paid more so that I could be a good mom and support my baby’s needs.  I was relentless (beast mode turned the fuck on!) and until this day, my baby (no longer a baby) is my motivation and my drive to keep going.  He is the reason I work hard, go to school, get up every morning and do my best.  I know my little man is watching so I cannot falter, I cannot stop because I won’t want him to stop when is his turn to run his household and lead his family.

Happy National Single Parent Day to all the single parents out there!

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