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How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day While Single

Updated: Jun 3

Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  Walking through Target, I already noticed a few pink and red items being put on the shelve as some red and green items were being deeply discounted to entice buyers to buy them all.

Seeing the telltale sign of Valentine’s day approaching made my heart drop a bit.  I am single now and don’t foresee myself shacking up with someone by then.  I started to think what I could do on this day so that I won’t feel like the leper that was shunned by the villagers.

I thought about last Valentine’s day, and it wasn’t too bad, in reality, it was great.  A friend and I decided to go bar hopping and talk shit about all the lovely couples we saw.  I had a great time! So I wondered, what else could I do as a single girl on Valentine’s Day:

1.  I could go wine tasting with a group of single friends.  We could get shit face and do some much-needed trash talk about the holiday as we taste all of the wines in the vineyard.

2.  I could host an anti-valentine movie night.  We could watch one or two movies that laugh at the idea of love and close the evening with a group Karaoke of ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce.

Click here for a great list of movies to watch—-> Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies.

3. Enjoy a spa day.  I could savor the day relaxing and beautifying myself.  After all, looking my best is not reserve for when I have a man.

4.  Sweat it out.  I think that there is nothing like arduous physical exertion to take the mind off sad thoughts.  I could take a spin, barre, or pilates class to take the edge off and release endorphins that will make me feel good throughout the day.

5.  Go line dancing.  I could throw on a pair of cowboy boots and join in on the dance floor.  I may even find a cowboy to whip me around the dance floor a few times.

XOXO Johanny

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