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I’m tha latina version of Taylor Swift, I just can’t sing

Updated: Jun 4

breakup songs

Not that we look alike!  We are two very different looking people, but we do share something in common, the inability to keep ONE guy.  

I often use my self-deprecating humor to joke about it, but when I start playing a Taylor Swift song at work everyone knows what’s up.  Once again, a relationship has ended, and it have left me deflated and disappointed in love.  So I turn to her songs that so perfectly describe my heartache at the moment for solace and understanding.  As I listen, I start thinking that maybe I’m the Latina version of Taylor Swift.  I just can’t sing, or write songs about it, but I can write it on my blog.

  Again and again, I find myself in relationships feeling so happy and so sure with that Special Guy just to have it all crashing down unexpectedly.  I am left with mascara running down my face, looking around and wondering ‘what the fuck just happened?’.

I ask myself constantly, ‘Why are men from Mars and I have to be from Venus?’  ‘Why can’t we talk the same language?’  

I often wish that men would come with a technical manual.  The same way my VW Golf came with one.  Whenever a symbol appears on the dashboard, I open up the manual and read about it.  After reading it, I feel confident that I know somewhat what is wrong with my ‘hooptie-doo’ and can move forward with solving the problem. 

Ahhh, if only there were a guy technical manual where when you hear something weird, or he starts acting funny you could flip through the glossary pages and look for ‘weird tone of voice’ or ‘odd behavior’ and check for the troubleshooting steps.    

Just kidding! Just kidding!  I stopped doing that in my 20’s! I’ve turned a new leaf.

After all these breakups, tryouts and experiences I don’t blame myself for not being able to keep a guy.  I only see it as just a waiting game.  I feel that one day the right man would find my weirdness cute and endearing and would not see himself with anyone else but me.  

I figure I will just wait for Mr. Weird Dude to come around.  Till that time comes, I will continue to go on dates and like Cinderella try on other Dudes to see which one will fit my weird.

Till then I will keep listening to Taylor Swift songs, dance, sing and drink red wine.

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