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I was happily dumped

Updated: Jun 3

I have been the culprit and the victim of many bad breakups in my life, so when Mr. JC broke up with me a few weeks ago, it was so perfect that I wanted to kiss him, go out with him again, so he can break up with me once more…..It was that well done!

After a short span of two months of dating and getting to know one another, with quite a few exciting outings under our belt, Mr. JC sent me the ‘Dear Jane’ text.

Where the signs there? Sure! Absolutely! There was zero chemistry going on.  But I’m a determined soul who sometimes think that maybe, just maybe things will work themselves out in the end.

If you may, I was going through the relationship flow with Mr. JC because I had nothing better to do.  No prospect on the horizon and quite honestly I enjoyed our outings, conversation and occasional free dinners and cups of coffee.

I could equate this relationship to a loveless marriage that had gone on for too long, but neither one of us had the guts to break it off or were holding on for the kids.  But we were not married, we did not have children together, and we had not been together that long.

I assume that Mr. JC had his ‘aha’ moment, and he noticed the same thing that I had noticed but was too chickenshit to say out loud, and that was that JC and I were not meant to be.

One morning, he texts “I don’t think we are compatible.  If you wish, we can meet again so we can discuss in person.  I wish you the best in your search for your guy”.   When I read that text, I was floored!  The biggest smile inched across my face much like the one from the Grinch, who stole Christmas, and I kissed my iPhone screen.  At that moment, I could of tongue Mr. JC and knocked his tonsils out!

With that text, Mr. JC gave me two gifts: The gift of an awesome, clean break up and the gift of not having to do it myself.  You see, usually, the breakups that I go through consists of awkward, nasty, and tactless messages or conversations from someone who had thrown my love away.  Not this matured and kind soul!  He was ready to take me out one last time and have a conversation about it like mature adults.  I texted him right back “This is perfect! No discussion needed, wish you the best as well, XOXO.”

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