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Instilling the Fear of God by Watching The Messengers

Updated: Jun 3

Not that this was a super scary show but watching it made me very cautious of all the corners and shadows in my house. In the show, the devil is portrayed very close to the depiction in the Bible.  The actor portraying him has the whole temptation and persuasion thing to a science.  You see the Devil cannot kill anyone himself and doesn’t physically force anyone to do anything.  All he does is entice them by pushing certain buttons which motivate the person into doing what he wants them to do.

On the other side of the fight we have The Messengers, and let me tell you this, the most annoying character at the beginning was the scientist named Vera, who is an atheist.  I tell you what, the day of the start of the apocalypse is not the time to say you don’t believe in it.  Is the time to get with the program and get to work!  And Vera was dragging the whole team down on the first few episodes with all her nagging, doubting, and shit.  Finally, when she came to her senses, I wanted to shout at the screen “I TOLD YOU SO!”

After she got with the program, her friend Craig was next one on my list of who got on my last nerve.  He kept bugging and bugging Vera for full disclosure; asking her what’s going on.  She kept telling him just to focus on finding the meteor rock that someone stole from them.  You know the meteor was the rock that the devil used to land on earth (for reals you have to watch this show), and they were researching it.  Craig wouldn’t reason and kept insisting on knowing everything and trying to squeeze himself with her new group of friends (the other messengers).  

I said to myself, be careful what you asked for because you just may get it.  

Sure enough, Craig got into more trouble that he intended to, but something told me he didn’t mind it so much since he was all googly eyes with Vera.  Poor guy had a broken rib, got taken by the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and beaten.  But hey, he wanted to be part of the team, so he got what he wished.

Usually, when a show grasps my attention, I immediately research it and the actors.  I look for when the next season is (I hate waiting a long time for the next season), or I look to see if it was canceled.  Unfortunately, The Messengers was canceled because it didn’t garner significant numbers.  The cancellation pissed me off, and it made me think that I had never heard of this show before, so obviously whoever was in charge of the advertising dropped the ball on this one!  Thanks, publicity team! You have one job….

The show had a good ending to the season.  It left me with a lot of questions and wanting to resurrect it from cancellation land.  What’s going to happen to the Messengers? When are they going to figure out that Amy is the Antichrist? How will the Messengers defeat her?  After all, she’s just a little girl reincarnated into the Antichrist. When will Vera realize that her son is an Archangel?  I wished the big wigs at the CW would have kept this one on, and just advertise it some more.

By the way, I watched this show on Hulu since it’s no longer being aired.

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