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Five Lessons on Optimism from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Updated: Jun 3

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is Netflix TV show that captured my attention the minute I started watching it.  Kimmy is one of the ‘Mole Women’ who was kidnapped and trapped in a bunker for 15 years by a psycho reverend, crazy right?  She was taken when she was still a child and grew up into adulthood in this time warped hole, completely stuck in the 90’s.  I mean she still listens to cassettes, that’s how stuck she is.

When the second season appeared on Netflix, I was more than happy to binge on it during the weekend.  Instead of recapping each and every episode, which I could do…I will rather focus on the lessons of optimism that Kimmy unknowingly displayed.  Besides being kidnapped, possibly raped and deprived of a childhood, Kimmy is an otherwise pretty cheerful, and happy person.  Being a “Mole Woman’ didn’t make her jaded at all. Instead, it made her determined to rediscover herself and live her new life in New York.  

So here are the five things that I learned from Kimmy on being optimistic:

1. Kimmy has a great coping mechanism.  Although Kimmy takes this overboard by not being angry ever.  We could all learn from her when it comes to regulating our emotions.  Kimmy goes to her ‘happy place’ which looks a lot like a Disney movie when she feels anger bubbling up inside of her.  This technique would come in handy, for those of us who fly off the handle or have explosive personalities.  Learning how to go to our ‘happy place’ instead of acting on our emotions right away, helps us to think about our actions and words before they come out and overwhelm us.

2. Kimmy loves to help.  Helping makes Kimmy happy!  We underestimate the power of giving, or we may think that we don’t have the time or the resources to give.  But you would be surprised how little it takes to help someone, and in the end, we not only help the other person but we also help ourselves.  Giving brings happiness to the one who gives as well as the one who receives.

3. Kimmy takes everyone at face value.  That is unless you have a beard like The Reverend, then she may hit you with a phone or put you in an arm lock.  Other than that, Kimmy accepts everyone for who they are.  No ulterior motives, no wondering, no filling in the gaps.  Imagine how nice it will be to accept others plainly for who they are, instead of looking or expecting less than stellar behavior from them.  Imagine how you would feel if someone accepts you exactly for who you are?

5. Kimmy starts her day happy.  Kimmy is so thankful for her freedom from that bomb shelter that she starts her day excited and happily.  She looks forward to the things she is going to to do and the adventures awaiting her.  I don’t think we have to be stuck in a bomb shelter for 15 years to appreciate the start of a new day.  Let’s start our days like Kimmy!

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