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Let’s Talk About Being Part of a Team

Updated: Jun 3

No, we are not Crips or Bloods and throw out gang signs, but we are  a group of dreamers, creative geniuses, empowered, courageous, funny, kind and loving women who happen to blog.  We come together to share big ideas about blogging and also to vent and talk to one another.  In a dog-eat-dog world, having a connection even if it’s a digital one is essential to survival.  Knowing that you have a group of friends that you can count on to listen to you, give you feedback or at the very least LOL with you, is priceless.

I came across the group as a matter of factly by answering ‘yes’ to a question of ‘is anyone interested in being part of a blogger group?’ I thought to myself ‘fuck yeah!’ and joined.  As time went on, I noticed that it was much more than that.  That it was more like a family, friendship, a bond between these gals from different parts of the country with two common things: we are women, and we blog.

Surely not all of us are on at the same time, and everyone have their different schedules and time zones going on, but when we come together is magical, and it makes me want to sing the Beyonce song.

So I’m just going to sit this video right here and let it inspire you and empower you.  I got to admit; we are some bad ass chicks…IJS

Woman Pulse

Dear Littler Me

JKLMN Homeschool Adventures

Cappuccino Connected

Randomly Regina

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