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Let’s Talk About Love and Hip Hop New York

Episode 7

Let me first admit that I have been on an LHHNY binge since Christmas break.  I came upon this gem of a show and watched it from the beginning till current.  

A quick catch up, Yandy and Mendeecees are still cashing their checks and laughing all the way to the bank, Rah Ali is a music manager now, Tara is an etiquette coach, Amina is still having that weird cry every time she finds out Peter is lying to her, Peter is still cheating on the two ladies, Cisco is still producing music and trying to date more than one woman at a time, and Rich $ is still CEO of the Creep Squad.

Then we have the new cast members; Cardi B emerging artist and super funny stripper, BBOD rapping duo extraordinaire, Bianca working to have a comeback, Mariahlynn working hard on her NY accent and rapping performance, DJ Self, part-time creep full time DJ, and Remy Ma fresh out of jail and in the show trying really hard not to go back to jail.  Let’s be honest about the last bit, in this show, this is not an easy feat.  I think even the sound check guy gets into a fight.

Let’s start with Remy Ma confessing to Papoose that she is carrying mixed emotions about the guest list for her wedding.  Her stay in jail showed her who her real friends and family are, and some did not make the cut.  I guess she thought she would be getting visits from certain family members and became disappointment and hurt when that did not happen. 

Amina still feels sure about her decision to terminate her pregnancy and is relishing in the fact that Peter is comforting her.  Of course, Peter, when he knows he’s fucked up with either Tara or Amina, becomes attentive and a good ‘D’ to the lady he screwed over.  

For now in this episode, Peter is all up on Amina’s vajayjay till she forgives him and is happy with him again.  After that, he’ll probably go over to Tara.

*Breakup ALERT*  BBOD broke up in the last episode and now each of the girls has different managers.  Lexxy with Rah and Moe with Yandy.  When shit goes downhill with Rah, Lexxy goes see Moe to vent, but Moe reminds her that there is no BBOD anymore.  Which prompts Lexxy to doubt her decision to stay with Rah. 

Cardi B. doing ‘white-people activities’, is the epitome of fancy.

FYI: MariahLynn is not a snow bunny, she’s Puerto Rican. It all makes a lot of sense now.

I get scared when I see the head of the creep squad (Rich $) hanging out with the other good guys.  Bad influence rubs off.  Surprisingly Rich $ give good advice to DJ Self and tells him to continue chasing Yorma and showing her that he has changed his ways.  

Look at Rich giving good advice to the guys! His daughter should come around more often!

Surprise, surprise! Rah pulls out French Montana out of her bag of tricks so Lexxy won’t be mad at her anymore and stick around.

How do you feel about all the faces Peter makes when Tara tells him she’s pregnant?  The struggle is real when the wife aborts and the lover stay pregnant.

Let me just say this, Moe sounds good on that track!  Mic drop.

Then Bianca comes in while Moe is with Yandy in the studio and is like we are back in time when Erica Mena walks in on Olivia singing her track.  This is not going to end well.

I was right it didn’t end well, juice was flying everywhere when Bianca tries to give Moe something to drink haphazardly.  Poor Cardi B, she just got her nails done, she didn’t want to be caught in the middle.

Fat Joe makes a cameo on the episode!!!!  I died!  I love it how he’s putting some fire on Remy Ma so that she can get back in the studio and get back to what she does best; rap.

And with that LHHNY fans, I leave you.

Till next episode!  Tootles!

XOXO Johanny

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