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Five Things to Know About Me

Updated: Jun 3

Womanpulse Blog Crazy 4 Blogging Challenge.

We are in Week 2 which means that I have to tell you 5 Things About Me.

If you want to read, last week’s challenge click here.

Thing 1: I love wine, as a matter of fact I am super relaxed at the moment, after having my after-dinner glass.  I love red wine, I figure I am sweet enough as it is, so red dry will do for me no sweet wine, please.  I adore the wines from Napa Valley.

Thing 2: I love to run.  If you read the last week challenge post, you would know this already…Running it’s my go-to exercise, because it is super easy and doesn’t require any equipment.  I am not the fastest runner out there, but I do have a lot of heart and stamina, I will not quit!

Thing 3: I have super curly hair, but I wish at times that it was bone straight.  You know that thing about wanting what you don’t have, well that’s me.  When I was younger, I thought that the Pantene shampoo would make my hair straight because the models on the commercial had straight hair.  So, I washed my hair with Pantene, went to bed with my hair fanned on my bed and woke up with a soft-fro.  I was utterly disappointed, but at least my sister had a good laugh.

Thing 4: I love self-help books, hell I love to read period!  I’m on a quest for growth and progression, and I believe that books are just dripping with knowledge just waiting to be tapped by welcoming minds and hands willing to act upon those bright ideas.  That’s me!  I love getting my hands on a book, learning new things and putting those things into practice.

Thing 5: I am not afraid of being an outsider.  I have never fitted in as a young child, and I stopped trying a long time ago.  I tend to be awkward, an oddball and I say what I mean (I don’t have a filter).  Some people find me funny, others don’t, either way, I love myself.  I read in my organizational behavior book that this is not so bad because at least I can make unbiased managerial decisions. Since I have a very low level of social affiliation, I am not afraid of making the tough choices.  I always thought I was awesome, this confirmed it.

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