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Let’s Talk About the Bachelor

Episode 3

Now let’s talk about the Bachelor.  Awkward cannot describe this episode enough.  I was covering my eyes in some of the scenes and had to reach for my laptop to talk about it with you guys because I just couldn’t hold back.

First, who was shaking their head when Olivia decided to talk about her ugly toes instead of comforting Ben on what was obviously a very tough time for him.  Self-centered much?

Then why its Jubilee so incredibly nervous on her first one-on-one date with Ben?!  You would think this girl had not gone on a date before.  The problem was not that she was nervous, but that she made some snarky remarks at the house before leaving.  I did not think she was going to come back to the house.  I was telling myself “another one bites the dust” when she left on the helicopter with Ben.  

Thankfully she opened up in the middle of the date and became less nervous and awkward.  She is still a mystery to me and most importantly Ben because she tries so hard not to cry that she ends up not being forthcoming.  Which is okay for now, a little bit of mystery is sexy at first.  I just hope she plans to be an open book a few episodes from now or else is not going to be cute anymore.  

Also, why do the girls gang up on Jubilee during the cocktail party?!  She was doing something very selfless for Ben and was one of a few who came up to him and offer her support during this terrible time for him (Unlike Olivia!), but the girls thought she was disrespectful because she already had a rose.  Being safe till next week and spending time with Ben seem to be a faux-pas in this show.  Even Olivia raised her eyebrow over this.  Mind you she did the same shit last episode; hypocrite much?

During the cocktail party, the pressure from the other girls becomes to be too much for Jubilee, and she goes to the bathroom and ends up crying.  Ben being the stand-up guy that he is, goes over and saves her.  What a Prince Charming!  I swear, sometimes I think this guy is fake.  There is no way someone is that pleasant, relaxed and laid back, but there he is every Monday just being awesome, so I guess he’s real.

Let’s not forget poor Lace, who let her crazy come out too much on the show, and she had to rein herself in.  She realized she needed to work on her to be able to find someone in Ben’s caliber.  What a woman?!  It takes a strong woman to identify her shortcomings, and it takes an even stronger one to do so on national television.

What do you think about this episode?  Are you excited for the next one?!

Till next episode Bachelor fans!

XOXO  Johanny

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