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Let’s Talk About the Bachelor Ep. 9

Updated: Jun 3

The whole time I was watching this episode I kept telling myself “don’t let Caila go, don’t let Caila go” and what does Ben do?!  He lets Caila go.  What I wish to be a fly on the wall inside Ben’s noggin.

The sweetest lady out of the Bachelor sister wives and he lets her go!  He kept saying that Caila has all the qualities that he looks for in a wife, but he just could not say I love you to her once Caila professed her undying love.  I was distraught!  Can’t he see how great she is for him?!  She would have been the joy to his melancholy.  The sunny side up to his scrambled eggs.  ohh Ben, Ben….

Have you guys noticed how Ben does not have a type?  I mean every single one of the last three lady standing looks completely different.  So is safe to say that he’s going for good looks in general and a good heart.  Awe Ben!

Let’s talk about the surprise that Caila had for Ben.  She went over to his suite to surprise him and instead the surprise was on her because Ben thought that it was the best opportunity to dump her.

 I do have to say I was proud of Caila at that moment because she dropped that smile and was able to get to say what she needed to say for her closure.  The girl even got out of the van as it started driving to ask Ben some more questions!  A little psycho move, but I loved it.  You tell him Caila!

I must admit that I started perusing other websites during Jo-Jo’s date, and I just listened to it with half an ear.  I mean I was already mad because Ben told Jo-Jo he loved her too on top of telling Lauren B on the date prior.  That meant that my last favorite lady of the Bachelor; Caila would be gone.  So I was like fuck it, I’ll just listen to it.

I did like how Jo-Jo put that plug in for the “Five Love Languages”.  She’s a ‘Words of Affirmation’ kind of girl she told the camera during her interview.  I want it to shout at the screen “I’m an Acts of Service kind of girl!”.  I can certainly relate, I been reading self-help books too.  She may just be my favorite now…

How cute was it that Ben and Lauren B. got to release baby turtles into the ocean!  You can tell Lauren B. was so into it, and Ben was just happy to make her happy.  I think I puked a little in my mouth.  Ok swallowed it, all good now.

Anywho…isn’t it super awkward how Ben goes on back to back dates?!  I thought the man would have a chance to recharge and reload, but no the producers just give him enough time to roll out of the boom-boom suite and move on to the next date.  Does he even shower before the next date?!

I am super siked about the last episode and final rose.  In the previews, it seems like Ben is freaking out about who to get down on one knee and propose to.  I mean, I would be too if I just told two women that I loved them.  He’s falling into “Dos Mujeres Un Camino”  territory.  It didn’t end well in that telenovela, let’s see how Ben fares.

XOXO Johanny

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