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Let’s Talk About the Super Bowl 50

Updated: Jun 4

My team wasn’t playing so I was rooting for whoever was going to win….So, Go Broncos!!!  Although Cam Newton was looking especially hot and was the league MVP, the Broncos defense got up and said: “Give me that ring!”.

How about Queen B’s halftime show?  I mean Coldplay’s but you know I was just waiting for the Queen to come out.  As soon as I saw that blond mane, I started haphazardly dancing about spilling my drink everywhere.  I am not very graceful and I think Bey had a bit of an ungraceful moment herself when she fumbled and almost fell,  but she’s a Queen and made it look like it was part of the number.

I felt like I was in a time warp and had gone back to the 60’s and the flower power era with all the colors and love that I felt from Coldplay’s show.  At the end he reminded us to “Believe in Love”, and everyone just collectively sighed with hearts coming out of their eyes like a yellow emoji. Bruno my man! Looking all sorts of cool, tried to put moves over the Queen, but we knew that wasn’t going to fly!  With a shake of a hip, Bey killed him on the dance floor, duh!  Either way, way to bring that Uptown Funky Funk Bruno, I was shaking my booty to it.

You all know I love me some Amy Schumer, and she was in one of the commercials!  When she and Seth Rogen were seen running for office and talking about their caucus and how it was going to be big but not so big that you couldn’t handle it, I died!  Way to go Bud Light advertising execs you have a winner here.  Best commercial of the night!  Don’t ask me about the puppy, monkey, baby, because I was deeply disturbed over that one.

So there you have it, the Broncos won.  Amy and Beyonce should get together and do something, anything, continue to believe in love people, and go have some babies Denver!

XOXO Johanny

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