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Monster Match Book Review: A Monster Book with a Heart

Rating: 5/5

A book cover with the title FrankinSchool Monster Match. There are two kids in the attic one with brunette hair and a diamon bracelet and the other looks like Frankinstein. They have an astonished look to their faces as they watch a green splash seep through the floor. The green splatch seems to be a ghost or a potion.
Monster Match Book 1

In Caryn Rivadeneira's delightful book, "Monster Match Book 1," readers embark on an extraordinary adventure alongside the endearing protagonist, Frank ergh I mean Fred or no, I mean Frankinschool ;-) From the very first page, this captivating tale hooks readers and takes them on a journey filled with mystery, imagination, and unexpected friendships.

When Frank's class is assigned an important task, he must first navigate around a not-so-nice classmate who believes she is a princess and unravel the mystery of the wrong name in his book. Little does he know that Ms. Martinez's words about the power of imagination will soon come to life, offering unexpected twists and turns.

One thing I always appreciate in a book is a deeper message, and "Monster Match" delivers just that. As Frankinschool (a clever play on words) embarks on his adventures, he discovers a newfound sense of grace. He learns to extend grace to the ghost who had stolen his book, offering understanding and empathy instead of anger. Additionally, he finds the grace to befriend the classmate who initially rubbed him the wrong way. Princess, as she is known, imparts a valuable lesson on the impact of circumstances on one's actions, inviting readers to reflect on how our own actions may be influenced by the situations we find ourselves in.

Rivadeneira masterfully weaves this message of grace and understanding throughout the story, adding nuance and depth to her characters. The illustrations by Dani Jones beautifully complement the narrative, bringing the lovable monsters to life on the pages.

"Monster Match Book 1" is not only an entertaining read but also an important teaching tool for young readers. I would highly recommend gifting this book to a young child or donating it to a classroom. Its powerful message on grace and empathy is a crucial lesson to impart to children, teaching them the value of understanding someone's circumstances and offering kindness in return.

Overall, "Monster Match Book 1" is a heartwarming and engaging story that will capture the imagination of young readers while leaving them with a valuable lesson to carry in their hearts. Caryn Rivadeneira and Dani Jones have created a truly remarkable book that deserves a resounding 5 out of 5 rating.

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