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Mr. Alexbachicha1 Trolled Me on Match…Several Times

Updated: Jun 3

online dating troll

Maybe he was getting desperate.  His profile did say that he had one last week on his subscription on Match and was trying to see if he could find that one special girl.  

I’m all about finding that one special someone, I’m doing the same thing too!  Just trolling isn’t the way to do it. 

I was amused for a few seconds, and my fingers were itching to type something witty, dry, sarcastic and bitchy back, but then what?  I would have given him the OK to continue with such behavior, and I am NOT OK. 

 It is not cool to be mean or rude to get some one’s attention.  Are we back in elementary?!  Where the boy who likes the girl pulls her hair to get her attention.  Shit! I didn’t like it then; I certainly don’t like it now.

If he honestly did not like my profile, then he could have kept it moving to the next and concentrate on those profiles he likes.  

If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

 There are so many fishes in the sea, or one could say, so many profiles in the digital-online-dating-pool of Match that Mr. Alexbachicha1 did not have to do all that.

Maybe he was drunk browsing, which is also a big faux pas.  Much like drunk texting, drunk calling, and the obvious drunk driving it equates to a failure of significant proportions!

I chose to put Mr. Alexbachicha1’s messages in a new home; my trash can with the rest of the rejects.  I did not reply nor engage in any conversation as it would have been a waste of my precious subscription time.

Hopefully, he found someone on his last week.  I also hope he brushed up on his social skills, which could be the reason as to why he’s still searching.  

It’s hard to be an asshole and find long-term relationships; many will not put up with it unless they are into assholes that are.  Which could happen….I mean there’s someone for everyone, right?  But not this gal!  

Hope you found your Match Mr. Alexbachicha1 and stay out of my profile, which I’m sure you will since I blocked you.

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