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Playing with Tarot

Updated: Jun 3

Every once in a while when I feel a bit lost or restless, I like to pull out my tarot cards to gain some insight or guidance.  I use it as a GPS when I get lost to find my way back on track.

Pinterest has some nifty (yes, I use the word nifty) spreads, that I liked and started using.  This one I got from, and it is called the Tarot Spread for Manifesting.  Keep in mind that I am new to this and still reading from a book to find the meaning of the cards, so be very forgiving with me.  

You can also search along for the meaning.  I use Josephine Ellershaw “Easy Tarot Handbook” with its accompanying Tarot cards to read them.

Here we go, are you ready?

#1 card is the vibration I am emitting.

I drew the Ten of Pentacles. It seems I am emitting beaucoup bucks!  This card represents considerable wealth.  When you look at the card, you see a treasure box filled with pentacles spilling out and a cute little mouse smiling.  I would be smiling too if I came across all that gold.

#2 card is something I need to be open to receiving.

I drew the Nine of Pentacles.  In case you asked, yes I shuffle the cards and they are not supposed to come out in order but, they have a mind of their own.  The Nine of Pentacles symbolizes hard work coming to fruition.  You see the lady on the card, just chillaxing with her pet bird and no big deal with a shit load of pentacles hanging on her tree.  I take it; I need to be opened to work hard for the pentacles.  Why do I hear that Donna Summer song in my head? “She works hard for the money, so hard for it honey”.

#3 card is what will come once I open myself to card #2

I drew the Queen of Wands. This lady is humorous, full of energy and a fucking riot at parties.  The downside, she’s a bit disorganized, what with all the different shit she has to get done, all while having a smile, it can get a bit tricky.  So once I work hard and earn my gold, I can party like its 1999?

#4 card is the next step I need to take

I drew the King of Pentacles.  This guy is patient and sees things to the finish.  He is generous with his money but not stupid, i.e., “you get a car, you get a car, you get a car!”  So I take it, my next step will be to get consistent.  Finish that project, see that goal to the end and be patient.  I can’t believe I just wrote that…be patient…jeez.  Easier written than done, that’s for sure.

#5 card is how can I manifest even more successfully  

I drew the Four of Swords.  I love this guy because he is napping! This is my favorite pastime.  This card represents a need to lay low and yes nap to rejuvenate.  I knew it! Even the cards are telling me that naps are good.  I love being right.

#6 card is a message from my higher self or my spirit guide

I drew the King of Cups.  This guy is just super chill sitting in his chair looking at his cup.  Maybe it has wine in it.  He is loyal, kind and everyone likes him.  So perhaps my higher self is looking after me in a warm and caring way.  I certainly do hope so, or else I’m screwed.

Let me know what you think, or if you have other meanings for the cards represented, I would love to hear those too.

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