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Shut Up, This is Serious — A Remarkable YA Realistic Fiction Journey

A blue fliter background that features the city of Oakland and its train station are two teens looking in opposite directions, both thoughtful.
Shut up, this is Serious by Carolina Ixta

4/5 Stars

I absolutely loved reading "Shut Up, This Is Serious" by Carolina Ixta! From start to finish, this YA realistic fiction book had me hooked with its relatable storyline. The strong beginning captivated me right away, thanks to the superb monologue that beautifully portrayed the two prominent characters and their personalities.

Throughout the book, I appreciated the author's skillful portrayal of diverse characters without resorting to stereotypes. It was refreshing to see a story that acknowledged the complexities of a Latine family, particularly when it came to racism and colorism. The book delved into these topics with depth and authenticity, shedding light on the challenges that these characters faced.

One aspect that stood out to me was the portrayal of a family that sought help from a therapist to deal with the feelings of abandonment and rejection and to mend their relationships. In the Latine culture, there can often be a stigma surrounding therapy, but the book tackled this issue well and demonstrated the importance of seeking professional assistance. This added another layer of realism to the story and showcased the characters' growth and resilience.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of the book, there were moments in the second half where the metaphor of heaviness to describe sadness and grief became a bit repetitive. At times, this repetition started to feel tedious and could have been trimmed down to make the story more concise. However, this minor flaw did not overshadow the overall impact of the book.

In conclusion, "Shut Up, This Is Serious" is a fantastic YA realistic fiction novel that tackles important themes with grace and authenticity. Carolina Ixta's writing is both relatable and thought-provoking, making this a must-read for fans of diverse stories and complex family dynamics. I highly recommend this book and applaud the author for her creativity, smart storytelling, and ability to create characters that readers can truly connect with.


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