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Updated: Jun 3

The Queen

I’m into the trailblazers, the originals, the one of a kind, the weirdos, the unapologetic, the ones who ran out of fucks and just don’t give a damn, the happy ones who smile while the world frowns on them.The ones who push through the masses and come out as fresh as a newborn.  

Like an alien everyone stares and no one understands.  Only they can understand themselves, and that is ok.

Like a wilted black rose determined to shine and keep shining, even though someone wants to uproot her from her soil, deeming her dead.  But she is not done, she just started. She turned her black petals to a majestic purple, showing her true royal colors.  A queen all along and no one knew, no one had a clue.  

Like a dull rock, beat into the ground, time after time.  Finally to escape from their grasps, a precious stone, a majestic ruby.  Redder than the blood that oozed out from her unhealed scars, the red shine for miles and miles and the world looked with mouths wide opened.  They whispered her name, calling her, asking her about her life, they forget that she was the rock they had pound on the pavement time after time.  No longer a rock but a ruby they were amazed at her true colors and didn’t have a slight clue of the pain that it took to suffer the transformation.  

Like a moth who turned into a butterfly, the cocoon ripping open by the delicate fingers of Mother Nature, God’s light shining through the cracks, revealing her beautiful and majestic wings.  Her wings were like an angel’s only with colors and expanded wider than any other butterfly out there, and everyone stared, and she stared back challenging them to ask her who she was when she had been there all along.

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