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Super Moon

Updated: Jun 3

At the start of this New Year, we will see a Super Moon or Wolf Moon. The Super Moon is a full moon that is orbiting at its very closest point to earth. This is why the moon seems so super, super huge that is. Like you can see every crater and probably the US flag if you look closely. Tonights Supermoon will be 221,559 miles from earth, which is super close.

Why does it get called a Wolf Moon?

Native Americans would call it this because wolfs would howl at the moon.

What about its superpowers?

There’s a certain type of energy that its attached to a full moon. Energy is amplified during a full moon, this is probably why wolfs howl and so many incidents happen when there’s a full moon. A Super Moon will have that energy times ten. This is the best time to meditate and to push out the negative emotions out and process them so that they don’t bubble up during this time. The energy of the Super Moon can make what’s negative and bottled inside even worst.

On the flip side, if you are content and positive that day, the Super Moon’s energy will amplify that. You will be giddy. This is why its best to meditate and release all the bad in preparation of this beautiful moon’s appearance.

When will we get another one?

There will be another one on the 30-31 January, this one with an eclipse which will be even more magical.

Find some time to clear your head, let go, think happy thoughts and let the Super Moon do the rest.

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