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The 7 Things on my Christmas List

Updated: Jun 4

Year after year I look underneath my Christmas tree wishing and hoping that Santa would hook a girl up and deliver these to me.  I guess I’ve been naughty, or my letter never reached the North Pole because I have yet to received what I want for Christmas. 

1. A maid for a few hours.  It will be wonderful to have someone come and clean my house one day.  You know how many hours that would save me?!  I would even pay her extra if she stays to fold the clothes and match socks afterwards, but if she just cleans I would be happy.

2.  A meal preparer for a month. I’ll be honest, I don’t like to cook, but I do it because it saves money and it’s healthier than eating out.  If I find a meal preparer underneath my tree one of these years, my whole neighborhood will hear my cry of joy.  To have small Tupperware, perfectly lined up in my fridge with yummy food, separated by day will be a dream come true.

3.  Laser hair removal. I’m Latina, should I elaborate further?

4.  Starbucks gift card.  I’m a Starbucks fanatic! I love their chai and their breakfast sandwiches.  Because I don’t meal plan (see #2) I often find myself there for breakfast, plus they offer excellent healthy options.

5.  Textbooks for my next semester.  I’m still chipping away at my degree, and these books are ridiculously expensive!  It’s no wonder students go into debt so much, not only do they have to pay for tuition but the books too.  Even rentals are quite a pricey.

6.  A man. It would be creepy to find a man wrapped with a bow underneath my Christmas tree, but if he has a note from Santa, I would understand.

7.  A gun.  Just in case, the man is not from Santa.

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