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Five Reasons I'm Obsessed with Running

Updated: Jun 3

I am embarking on another 4 Week Challenge from a  I figured the last one was super fun so why not!

The topic picked for this week is Good Health, and when all I could think of Pizza and Chinese Food, Heidi was kind enough to shed some light on a topic I could discuss.

“Don’t you run?” She asked

“Yeah…I like to flip flop my feet on the track from time to time” I replied.

And voila! After polishing off these bad boys  

I am now ready to talk about running.

There are so many benefits to running which are discussed in health blogs, magazines, and books, but I am going to share with you the advantages that I have discovered.

1. It’s my therapist.  I tend to say that all I need is my sneakers and a bit of pavement to feel better.  It is something about running and running long distance that opens my mind to think, resolve problems, and put down any anxious thoughts I may have at the moment.  I always feel happy after I complete a run.

2. I don’t get winded.  Running increases my cardiovascular fitness, which keeps me from getting winded when I do simple chores, or have to chase down my dog.

3.  It keeps my weight in check.  The older that I get, the slower, my metabolism has gotten.  So not only do I have to try (key word), try to cook healthy meals, but I also need to keep up my cardiovascular regime to keep my weight at a healthy and comfortable balance.  I tend to have knee pains when I gain a lot of weight, so running helps me stay slim and trim and without pain.

4. I can read/listen to books.  Often I don’t have time to pleasure read because much of my day is taken up by mandatory reading for work and school.  With my audible books saved on my phone, I can ‘read’ my books while running.  Knocking two birds with one stone, I say.

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