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The Deal Breakers

Updated: Jun 3

As explained in one of my previous posts, I have come to the realization that I over-compromised in my last relationship.  Doing this, quickly led to unhappiness, and arguments, which everyone knows if done too often will bring that relationship to a slow and painful death.  To prevent this from happening again, I have come up with my deal breakers.  Those things that I am unwilling to compromise on in a relationship, because they are simply my core values, and I find them necessary.  Maybe we share some of the same!

* I am an early bird, not a night owl.  My sleep cycle is something that has been part of my life since I was a young girl.  Every morning I will wake up to water the garden before going to school.  This routine became my ingrained habit (to wake up early not to water plants).  What some people call the crack of dawn is my usual wake up time.  When I say I slept in, it means I woke up at 6:30 latest 7:00 AM.  I realize that there are not many men out there with the same habit as me.  Most of the men I’ve met are night owls, and I have no problem with that, but I will not be switching my sleep cycle to match the other.  Doing so makes me a crabby human being, and when I wake up late due to lack of sleep, I feel as if I’ve missed out on most of what the day has to offer.

* I don’t want to pay when we go out.  Call me old fashion, but the old “I left my wallet in the car” line just doesn’t do it for me; It’s not sexy.  Although I am not trying to break anyone’s wallet, I do want a man to pay when he takes me out.

* No bigots allowed.  I don’t tolerate someone who tries to put others down or don’t respect others opinion that differ from his own.  I may not like or understand another’s point of view, but I will not insult that group or person because of it.  I expect the same from anyone whom I call my friend or boyfriend.

* Don’t put me down.  If you are my boyfriend or trying to be, you should support and encourage me.  I do the same for those around me, and I want this in return.  The closeness of a relationship does not give someone the right to be hurtfully crude if anything it should challenge them to be honestly kind to that person.  Words can be very harsh and once they are out they cannot be taken back.  

* Have manners because they are sexy.  When we go out, I want to be proud to have you by my side.  When I step out my door, I make sure that I always look, feel and smell my best because the wrapping is the first thing that people see on a gift.  The presence and manners of a man are his calling card, is what people see first.  Holding out the chair, opening doors, walking side by side, chewing with your mouth close are things that are imperative to me, and I’m not willing to compromise on them.  

There you have it!  After much soul-searching, these are the things that I must find in Prince Charming or else he will end up on my ‘Frogs List’. XOXO Johanny

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