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The Devil That Haunts Me: A Mother's Story of Trauma and Redemption

A man wearing a devil's mask with black balloons behind him. In front is a woman laying down. She's supposed to be sleeping but can't and instead stares at the camera. The picture is in black,white and grayish tones. There are splashes of black on the picture.
Working Book Cover for The Devil that Haunts Me

Are you a horror fan looking for your next chilling read? Look no further than "The Devil That Haunts Me," a spine-tingling novel that explores the deep and twisted world of generational trauma.

Not too long ago, I had two epiphanies while drafting this novel. First, I realized that the story was not the daughter's but the mother's. The mother will experience a negative growth arc and fight to be correct, despite being in the wrong. This shift in focus forced me to change the title, resulting in the aptly named "The Devil That Haunts Me."

But who is the devil in question? It is not the literal devil of biblical lore but rather the trauma that haunts the mother and daughter in the story. Passed down from generation to generation, this trauma has never been healed, and now it threatens to consume them both.

In "The Devil That Haunts Me," readers will be taken on a journey through the dark and twisted psyche of a mother consumed by ambition and haunted by the sins of her past. With her daughter's ghost as her torturer and guide, she must navigate the horrors of her memories and confront the demons lurking within.

The novel offers a message of caution, showing what can happen when trauma is left unhealed.

So if you're looking for a gripping and thought-provoking horror novel, look no further than "The Devil That Haunts Me." Its powerful themes and unforgettable characters will leave a lasting impression on readers of all kinds.

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