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The Magic Behind the Law of Attraction

Updated: Jun 4

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Have you thought of something so hard? Wanted something so bad? Dreamed it? Tasted it?  You knew it was yours, you were so sure, and then it was.  When I was little, I knew that if I prayed with fervor whatever I asked for it was mine.

I did not realize then what I know now; that I was using the law of attraction.  My energy, positivity, and knowledge that what I wanted will come true were fertile grounds for my dreams.  The years passed and I got older, a bit sarcastic, jaded by some life experiences and lost my mojo to attract the things that I wanted. 

Fast forward to two years ago, and I came across the book ‘The Secret.’  The title sounded super mysterious like a Sue Grafton novel, and I was intrigued.  What was the secret to people attaining all their wishes?  I knew that hard work and perseverance make things happen.  I knew about not giving up.  What I did not know was that ‘The Secret’ was something as simple as wishing.

Here I was, thinking that those people with their visualization boards were crazy!  Instead, they are all part of The Secret!

People who visualize; see their dreams coming true, are the ones that are making things happen! 

I know that some of you may have that ‘crazy’ friend that tells you about their big idea but don’t know how the heck they will do it.   You try to tell them about all the ‘what ifs’ scenario but they don’t care, they just know that they are going to write the greatest book about a young teenage wizard.   While they are telling you this, you are thinking ‘you can’t even afford a typewriter to write that book.’  JK Rowling anyone?

Those crazy dreamers are onto something! They are working with the law of attraction.

It’s like magic! No?

If you feel stuck right now or think that you are not getting anywhere, I suggest you read ‘The Secret.’  If you are not into reading, get it on audible.  If you are not into audible and have a Netflix subscription, it’s there! Watch it.  You can thank me later.

Create your vision board.  Make your dream house out of clay, imagine yourself walking through your beautiful red door, walking across the living room and stepping on your shiny hardwood floors, walking up the stairs and opening the door to your master bedroom.  Meditate on this, dream it, feel yourself there, and it will be yours.  

It’s so easy! But you have to believe in it.  It’s like praying, you have to know in your heart that it is yours already.  Give thanks for it and continue to live your life.

When I was little this dreaming and knowing that my dreams will come true because God listens to me was so easy.  I was innocent, and I knew that everything I asked for, I deserve because I was a good girl.  So for sure, I will get it! Duh! 

With adulting came some not so great moments where I lost that innocence, and I thought there were certain things I did not deserve nor should I have because maybe I’m not such a good person after all.  When I was wronged, I did not know how to forgive others.  When I wronged someone, I did not know how to forgive myself.  Holding grudges and self-hate polluted my heart.   I stopped asking with fervor, and I stopped expecting for the good things to come because surely I was not meant to have them.

Self-help book after self-help book, family, friends, and now my amazing husband have helped me to regain the peace in my heart and soul that I lost along the way.  I now know that I deserve all the good things to come and I know that they will come because I deserve them.

My husband was one of those things that I prayed for.  Two years ago, I wrote the characteristics of my husband in one of my notebooks.  I wrote a prayer for him, close the book and put it away.  I just knew he will come.  A year later this super annoying guy came to my job and would not leave me alone till I went on a date with him.  He courted me for months with Starbucks and lunch outings.  One day I decided to give him a shot, and the rest is history.  A beautiful dream that came true.

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