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The New Year, New Me Mess

Updated: Jun 4

New Year, New Me Bullshit

Facebook, Twitter and all other social media feeds are awakening after the New Years Hangover to a barrage of New Year, New Me memes, quotes and hashtag.

Can we just stop this already?!

Every day you get up, is a new chance to start again.  If you want to get technical, every minute, second and microsecond are a chance to start again.  Guess what?  You can change your mind, make a choice, go after a goal, anytime you want.

Why wait for the New Year to start that?

It could be the symbolism that the beginning of a New Year brings, that of birth and new beginnings that prompt people to start the wishful thinking cycle every January 1st.  But you shouldn’t let the actions of the crowd determine the choices you are going to make.

You are your own person and as such you have the right to choose which path you want to take at any time.  Stop dreaming and start doing.  Stop thinking about it and start planning.  Set deadlines and hold yourself to them.

Wishful thinking is so last year, its so two minutes ago.  NOW it’s time to make a plan and take steps towards the finish line.

I challenge you to get off your ass and get moving!  No one is going to do it for you and no one should.

This is your life, and you are the only one who will get to live it.  Why wait for New Years to start to reach your potential and touch the stars?

Think about this, when you are sitting on your rocking chair old as fuck or your death bed, do you want to think about all those dreams you had; all those ‘what ifs’? Or would you rather look back at everything you’ve accomplished?

Keep that thought ingrained in your cortex, it will come in handy when the newness of 2016 wears off, and your motivation dwindles.  Ask yourself, are you going to be the one holding yourself back?  Or are you going to be the one that will push yourself towards completing your goals?

XOXO Johanny

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