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The Power of Reading: Exploring Why I Read to Escape, Learn, and Empathize

Reading is a timeless activity that has captivated minds and hearts for centuries. I fell in love with reading after overcoming the fear of pronounciation and embarrassement. Once I was confident that I could read aloud, I took off from there. As a kid I began to devour books and soon I started falling into the world the book created and my imagination will play the book's movie in my head and I would be hooked.

Yet, whether through books, articles, or online content, reading offers us a gateway to different worlds, ideas, and emotions. While in school and even now I use reading to learn new things. Also as I matured I started to use book to understand and empathize with ideas, people and culture whom I had only encounter in the pages of a book. In this blog post, I delve into three primary reasons why I read: to escape, to learn, and to empathize. Join me as I explore the enchanting allure of reading and the profound benefits it brings to our lives.

The Escape: Transporting Your Mind to New Realms

When life becomes overwhelming, many turn to reading as a form of escapism. The written word has the remarkable ability to transport us to distant lands, vibrant cultures, and exciting adventures. Whether we're diving into fantasy realms with mythical creatures or immersing ourselves in historical narratives, reading allows us to temporarily escape the constraints of reality. By losing ourselves in a captivating story, we find solace, relaxation, and a much-needed break from the demands of everyday life.

The Learning Journey: Expanding Our Knowledge Horizons

Reading is an invaluable tool for acquiring knowledge and broadening our understanding of the world. From non-fiction books to educational articles, every reading experience provides an opportunity for growth and learning. Whether we seek to deepen our understanding of a particular subject, explore new hobbies, or stay updated on the latest advancements, reading offers a vast repository of information at our fingertips. By reading, we can expand our perspectives, gain insights from experts, and continuously evolve intellectually.

The Empathy Bridge: Connecting with Others' Experiences

One of the most remarkable aspects of reading is its ability to foster empathy within us. When we engage with characters and their stories, we step into their shoes, experiencing their joys, struggles, and triumphs. Through books, we gain a profound understanding of different cultures, perspectives, and human experiences. This empathy bridge connects us to people we might never meet and helps us develop compassion and sensitivity towards others. Reading nurtures our emotional intelligence, allowing us to better understand and relate to the world around us.


Reading serves as a powerful medium for escape, learning, and empathy. Whether we seek respite from reality, acquire knowledge, or connect with others on a deeper level, reading enriches our lives in countless ways. So grab a book, immerse yourself in a story, and embark on a journey of discovery and self-transformation. Let reading be your trusted companion, guiding you through the enchanting realms of imagination, knowledge, and human connection.


Discover thought-provoking books, from YA fiction to self-help, as I share my personal journey of healing and writing. Join me in exploring new worlds of literature and finding solace in the power of storytelling. Let's connect and exchange our latest reading and writing experiences!

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