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Things John hates

Updated: Jun 4

This is John.  He is named after an ex.  Why? Because….yes! John- the dog has issues…I rescued him in Korea from this Dick that was trying to kick him.  When I saw him getting kicked, I enticed him with a Mcdonalds burger (Yes they have McDonalds in Korea only it tastes different) to get him away from the horrible man.  As I grabbed John by the collar that had become part of his matted mane, I gave the animal abuser an evil look.  He said something in Korean, I said “fuck you” in English, put John in the car and sped away.

John came with issues, though.  I noticed that the males he encountered he would get aggressive.  On the contrary, with the ladies is not so bad, he becomes bit aggressive at first but calms down after a while.

Then he has this thing where he must follow me everywhere and be by my side.  Even while I sleep, he’s by my side.  I have tried to break him out of the habit of being my shadow, to no avail. I don’t mind our sleeping arrangements.  I love it that he cuddles next to me.  What I do mind is his growling when I move, and I happen to touch his tail or his butt.  He goes berserk and growls at me forgetting who I am and tries to snap at my legs, hands or whatever body part that touched him.  As soon as I yell “it’s me John!” he calms down.

I wonder if doggies get rape?  Are they traumatized by it?  Or is this just a sensitive area for every animal?  I have had other dogs, and they have not reacted this way when someone touches their tail or their butt, only John.  The only thing I could equate it to is someone who has been raped or violated and is traumatized by it, so they react aggressively or in fear when someone gets too close.

I have thought about his reaction for quite some time and even did a search on Google to see what is going on with my crazy mutt and nothing popped up.  I resorted to using do my handy dandy water bottle when things get out of hand.  I keep that thing by my bed, and I use it as a behavior adjustment gadget.  Whenever he gets aggressive or growls, I spray him.

Other than that, he also hates shadows, cars, strangers, other dogs, men, lights flickering, ceiling fans…you know the usual.  I still love my paranoid dog!  In my house, we have adjusted to his quirks.  I mean everyone is a little crazy inside, so John can be a little crazy too.

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