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Walk the Talk

Updated: Jun 3

One thing that gets under my skin is whiners. Let’s not be a whiner, people. I hear them everywhere. Whining about their jobs, their situation, lack of money, their relationships. You name it, if there is something to cry about, the Professional Whiner will find a way to complain.

What infuriates me the most is when the opportunity to change to do something different is thrown at them, better yet, given to them on a precious gold platter and they don’t take it.


It’s almost as if the Professional Whiner is content with complaining all the time; as if they prefer it that way. Maybe their lives will feel empty if there is nothing to complain about. Then who would hear them? What would they have to say? Would their lives have meaning? Without complaining?

It could be that they are afraid and find comfort in the habit they have developed:

  1. don’t do anything

  2. whine

  3. get same results

  4. whine

  5. repeat

After all, taking a leap of faith takes a lot of courage. Making that change will require a lot of it. Changing that job, removing toxic people, going against the habit that’s been ingrained for years, boy that will take a mountain of courage!

I could see why it will be more comfortable to whine. At least you know what’s coming, you know it’s going to suck, and then you get to complain about it, which is the reward. Its a ritual and a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That energy used to complain usually brings about more things to complain about. It’s almost like a cloud that surrounds the person alienates him and closes off all of the sunshine. Only the rain comes thru nothing else. Shoot, I would whine too!

But why not jump? Why not close your eyes, inhale and fall? What’s the worst that could happen? Something bad happens again? Then you will just get to whine some more like you’ve done before. No big deal.

But what if something great happens? What if with just a bit of hard work and some uncomfortable moments you walk that talk. All those things that you complain about, you change them. With one step in front of the other you walk the path that you have not walked before to get a different set of results. What if…

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