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Welcome to the First Day of Spring

Updated: Jun 3

The flowers are blooming, the air is not as cold anymore, the birds are chirping and not shivering, and layers are coming off people’s wardrobes.  It’s spring!

But I live in El Paso, so my spring started like two months ago, right after the New Years.

Soon we will see a whole bunch of trees perking up and going from brown to green, along with that we will see and feel high pollen count and the emergence of allergies which will signal this fantastic beginning to the mild temperatures! So get your allergy medications, tissues and eye drops ready peeps!

The colors in our wardrobe will go from browns, grays, and blacks to pastels; such as light greens, blues, pinks and yellow.  We are going to look like an Easter egg with a dress on only way prettier.  I love the spring color palette, is my favorite!  Sometimes I wish I could dress in those colors all year round, but the dark colors overwhelm my light ones which push me to assimilate in mid-winter.

Although the losing one hour deal killed me last week, now I feel refresh when I see the sun peeking through my window as I open my eyes in the morning.  It’s something dreary when one gets up and its dark and comes back home and it’s dark; it’s so groundhog day-ish.  Now that I am over losing that extra hour of sleep I can honestly enjoy the benefits that it brings.  Waking up with the sun on my face and enjoying more daylight within the day.

You see during spring the axis of the earth tilts more towards the sun, thus causing the earth to have longer days and the temperature to rise.  The extra sunshine and warmth give the added light and needed temperature for the plants to bloom and grow, which makes for beautiful pictures and fresh fruits and flowers.

Little by little barbecue grills will start coming out, and the aroma of grilled meat will filter into most houses in the neighborhood, to the horror of vegans and vegetarians around.  If it gets hotter, the kiddie pools will start making its appearance in the backyards of many homes with kids, and pets who wish to frolic in the water and cool off.

Local Walmarts and Targets have already prepped their shelves with everything pink and pastel as well as that dreaded bathing suit that will be worn in just a few more months from now.  The fruits are being stocked with in-season produces, and the winter clothes are seeing their way to the clearance racks to make room for the short sleeves shirts, shorts, and skirts.

If you go to your local college town, you may see a decline in population as they migrate over to much warmer weather, Cancun anyone? This seasonal migration enables the college students to partake in the naughty festivities that only they can appreciate.  If you happen to be in one of the places of migration, then you will probably notice a rise in young-people population, booze flying off the shelves as well as rental cars and bikes stuffing your streets.

ah, spring is definitely in the air!

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