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What I Learned Today at School Was…

Updated: Jun 4

So this spring semester I am taking a marketing course.  Today, in particular, I am trying to understand the consumer motivation.  I find this course to be interesting because it reveals the behind the scenes of capitalism.  

Did you know that women make most of the car buying decisions?  Yes, you read that right, women do.  The automobile industry has hired more women to find out exactly what women want in a car.

So what do women look for when buying a car?

For starters, they do their research.  Women will visit three car dealerships, one more than men before they make their final purchase.

They will compare cars, by visiting car websites, scanning advertisements and reading car comparisons articles.  Women will also take into account personal opinions from people they trust before making a choice.

Women car buyers care more about the interior finishes than the exterior.  They want to feel that the car fits their stature and has ample room for storage.

When looking at safety, women buy into the safety features that will help them survive an accident.  They also look for parking features in a car; that makes parking that bad boy a breeze.

What women don’t look forward to is the dreaded negotiations with the car salesperson.  Research has shown that often time, women take a man with them to seal the deal.

I guess I am a typical woman because all of this I have done when I buy a car.  I don’t look forward to this long and arduous event, and it is why I keep a car till it doesn’t run anymore.

For me, buying a car it’s a long process because I research and shop around for a very long time before making the purchase.  To bypass the negotiations, I come prepared.  I know what I am willing to pay for the car.  No negotiation is needed because I either get what I want or leave and go to another dealership.  Boom! What did you learn today?



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