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Updated: Jun 4

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I have to admit….or I think I’ve admitted this before.  I am a big fan of KUWTK.  This show is my guilty pleasure!  And keeping up to date with the Kardashians, I mean news, I noticed that Kim broke the Internet once again on International Women’s Day!  

She did it by doing what she does best, taking a selfie.  But not just any selfie, this was a nude selfie…of course tastefully displayed with black rectangles to cover the naughty bits.  

She titled her photo, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”.  With that, Kim made a funny!  She also ruffled a few feathers.  

Some celebrities (cough, cough Pink) stated that posting nude selfies took women back eons! Or something a little more like this:

There were those who agreed with Pink’s point of view and passionately addressed the unnecessity of showing skin to gain recognition.  The opposition collectively thought that talent speaks for itself. Therefore, no skin is needed.

On the other hand, the sympathizers felt like the world should just get off Kim’s back or ass and let her do her thing!  They thought kudos to Kim for being brave enough to be nude and proud (starting to take clothes off and prep selfie stick…).  

Sharon Osbourne was one of those who agreed with the reality star’s decision to take off her clothes (once again) and show the world.  In solidarity, she did the same, and grandma is looking good! 

What’s the moral of this story?  We all have our different opinions, and we are allowed to them, but is it fair to shame one because he/she does not fill the mold that we have for ourselves?  To measure others with the same ruler we use to measure ourselves would be wrong.  We all have and live in our world, inside our head; we have different experiences and points of view.  The beauty of it all is that although we are all one species, we are all different and unique, and we should be accepting of that.

I agree with having a difference of opinion and being outspoken about it, after all; this is what I am doing here.  I am against shaming, bullying, and belittling someone just because they do not fall into someone’s mold.  Kim is not harming anyone by expressing herself in the way she chooses to.  Others may express themselves through painting, designing, singing, writing or other modes, Kim chooses selfies to express herself and connect with the world.

Is it maybe a problem that we have with ourselves?  With our own sexuality that we are reflecting on Kim?  After all, if we were comfortable in our skin, we would care less what others are doing with theirs, as long as no laws are being broken and they are not harming themselves or anyone else.  I think the uproar that greeted this nude selfie shows that maybe we are not as comfortable with our bodies, our sexualities, our being and choose to lash out at those who are.  Just food for thought. XOXO Johanny

***PS from Joa 2023: While I use to devour celebrity gossip and the Kardashians, I found other things to fill my mind with; things that plant a hopeful, peaceful, or happy seed in my brain and do not fuel the dumpster fire that is society. I am leaving this here to represent growth and change.

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