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Yielding Better Results by Talking Kindly to Myself

Updated: Apr 7

The word lazy evokes so many emotions in Johanny, most very negative. Through some introspection, Johanny finds out she was essentially bullying herself into accomplishing things. Please listen to see how she's pivoting away from that and pull out your phone note app because you'll need it.

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Johanny Ortega published a middle-grade realistic fiction novel about blended families, Mrs. Franchy's Evil Ring and the Six Months That Changed Everything. This book is available NOW. Under J.E. Ortega, Johanny published a military thriller novella, The Alvarez Girls. It's available everywhere books are sold. She's also published a domestic thriller short story, I Love You So Much. Head to the book shop, buy these books and connect with her. Please support the show by sharing it with someone you know.

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